Káplár Kornél

I started following Master Mantak Chia, and his taoist teaching in 2008. 

That year ,after a recovery from a serious illness, I was looking for practices to rise my energy level. My friend gave me one of Mantak Chia books, and with the help of the practices in the book, I felt better and better day by day. 

I took part for the first time in Master Chia’s seminar in Germany 2013.And after that ,there was no way back, next winter I joined a retreat in the Tao Garden, Thailand.  

And after a several years of practicing, in the january of 2015 I became an “Associate Instructor” of The Universal Healing Tao system,and started teaching in Hungary since then.

I call my teaching  “TAO Csikung” in Hungary, and it is getting more and more popular in Hungary. More than 500 people attendedd my 1 day “Taoist Basics” seminar,  and more than 100 000 people practiced Qi Gong with my youtube videos.


2013.05.13. –  UHT Basics – Frankfurt (D) 

2014.01.19.-25. – 1 week UHT Basics training – Tao Garden (Thailand)

2014.05.09. – Healing Love – Frankfurt (D) 

2015.05.11.-24. – 2 weeks Associated Instructor Training – Tao Garden (Thailand)

2015.04.13. – Chi Nei Tsang – Frankfurt (D) 

2016.04.11.-12. – Healing Love – Frankfurt (D) 

2017.05.24.-25. – Tendon Nei Gong , Iron Shirt  Berlin (D) 

2018.11.08.-11. – Zen Buddhist Retreat – Esztergom(H) 

2019.04.19.-22.  – UHT Basics – Verbania (I) 

2019.10.05. – London Real Summit w. Mantak Chia – London (En)

2019.11.04.-05. – Tai Chi Chi Kung, Iron Shirt – Constanca (Ro)