Senior Instructor - Jutta KellenbergeR

I became a student of Taoist Master Mantak Chia’s in 1987 and I’ve been committed to advancing myself in the Taoist energy practices since then.

In 1990, I became an instructor to begin teaching the Universal Healing Tao system in Europe, and I later moved to Thailand to live, work and teach at Master Chia’s center, the Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort.

 By 2001, I was a Senior Instructor teaching many levels and forms of the energy practices, including much of what I teach today – Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Healing Love, Fusion, Cosmic Healing and Chi Nei Tsang. Since 2010, I’ve served as the Global Branch Leader for Chi Nei Tsang, guiding and managing how the abdominal massage is taught and practiced around the world.

 Teaching is truly my passion and inspiring others to try these ancient practices and live a Tao lifestyle is my calling.

 I feel so inspired and compelled to teach these practices all over the world because the Tao has also completely transformed my life, who I am and my spirituality.


“Thank you very much for the very important knowledge about women’s health and sexuality! I feel something new and very good in myself. “

Yika, Ukraine

Thank you so much for travelling to Dublin to share your deep knowledge and wisdom of the Tao. I’m so grateful for this and I know that everyone who did the course really loved it so much. You are a gift to the world
A bright light.
Here’s to more teaching adventures in Ireland!”

Juliana, Ireland

“The Tao energy practices for women made me realize a lot of things I knew by instinct, but I did not let come openly. I find just a shame not to have realized all this before in my life, but I am glad however to have learned by now with you”


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